Douglas Stewart
Educator, Artist, Entrepreneur,

Owner, Greenleef Wellness


CEO, Founder: Douglas Stewart aka “Dr. Doug”, has 25+ years growing

successful technology, non-profit, and cannabis businesses. He is one

of the few African-American Cannabis entrepreneurs in the Bay Area, with a track record of success navigating California’s expansive and complex cannabis

equity & licensing processes. He launched the Indigenous Tea House

movement in 2009, to bring culture, the arts, wellness, education and

communities together through the arts. In addition, Stewart has been

developing infused teas, tinctures and edibles for diverse communities. 

After Stewart's successful career in the corporate arena, Stewart has dedicated his efforts in the community as a wellness coach, art therapist and healer, helping to run, build and implement several health and wellness affairs and strategies in

underserved communities around the Bay Area and abroad. He has successfully assisted in helping to launch three (3) active cannabis operations for others, in addition to the two (2) companies he currently runs, Greenleef LLC.  He is also president of the CCC (Colored Cannabis Commission) whose platform is providing equity within the cannabis industry by providing consulting, education, acceleration and technical assistance. Stewart continues to bring empowerment, social equity, arts and culturally enriching programs and events to the communities throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Kumi Rauf

Social Media Strategist

Kumi Rauf is the creative technical mind behind applications with various purposes such as: finding cheap travel deals, listing current 911 call info on a map, & social media strategy execution. Rauf is an expert at social media strategy and building effective/creative media campaigns. His most recent success is taking his I Love Being Black Facebook fan page from zero to 6 million “Likes” in only a few years and his ability to teach others what they need to grow their business or venture with competitive results. Today the page is the largest Black--owned Facebook Fan Page in the world. He has created many applications that enhance capabilities on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Amy Maliza

Legal Counsel

di Santo Law, Partner

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GreenLeef Delivery


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GreenLeef is proud to bring their on fleet of delivery services to CA and take pride in our customer service, loyalty and product offerings that help heal our communities. Greenleef that brings clean, tested, high-end brands and products along with top-tier customer service to 1,000's of clients a year serving the greater Bay Area and soon coming to Southern CA.  Other delivery brands on the horizon - Que Charas, Blue Lotus, and GreenLife Delivery.